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The Fayth Scar

Temple Walkthrougs/Getting All Aeons In FFX

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Temple Walkthroughs/Getting All Aeons In FFX

I think we've all gotten stuck in at least one of the Cloister Of Trials mazes. Here are some easy to follow walkthroughs for each one.
Also, if you get the Destruction Sphere Treasure in each Temple, you can obtain a secret Aeon (explination at the bottom of this page).
There are also two other extra Aeons. More info on the bottom of the page.
WARNING: May contain slight spoilers.

Yuna and Valefor FFX

Besaid Temple
First, touch the wall in front fo you to get started. A new glyph appears to the east. Touch it to make it disappear and a path revealed. Go down those stairs.

Take the glyph sphere from the far right wall and bring it down to the left. Put it in the door, then take it out again once the door opens. Now you'll find another recess along to the left. Put the glyph sphere in it - the wall will slide up, taking the sphere with it. Behind there is the destruction sphere in a little room.

Now go down the corridor to a stone pillar. Put the destruction sphere in it. Now touch the symbols opposite the pillar, and the wall will slide up. In that little room is the Besaid sphere. Take it. Bring the Besaid sphere back up to the first spot where you got the glyph sphere. You just want to put the Besaid sphere out of the way for a moment, and you can't drop it. So stick it here.

Go back to the destruction sphere, take it, and put it into the wall where you got the Besaid sphere from. It'll blow up the wall further along the corridor! You get the Rod of Wisdom from a chest.

Now go back and get the Besaid sphere. Put it in the stone pillar. The wall will open up. You can push the pillar straight forward into a little spot set for it. If you mess up, just go stand on the glowing glyph and the pillar will reset. Push the Besaid-Pillar in to the center of the room.

Kilika Temple
Take the Kilika sphere and put it in the right of the door. It'll catch fire. Remove it again to be able to go through. Put the Kilika in the pedestal, and put the glyph in the previous room's pedestal. Now touch the glyph on the wall. Put the glyph sphere in the right wall - a door opens and you get the destruction sphere.

Now put the destruction sphere in the pillar in the room with the stairs, and slide it over onto the square. Put the Kilika sphere into it, and it'll drop down to the lower level. Put the destruction sphere in at this point, and it blows out the wall, giving you the red armlet.

Take the Kilika sphere and go to the right of the end door, to open it. Go in.

Djose Temple
Get the 2 Djose Spheres and put them both in the door. It'll open and suck the 2 spheres in with it.

Head into the next room. Note the glyph on the ground. It'll light up as you do different things, and your aim is to make it fully light up properly.

Put the 2 spheres from the left and right of this door over into the far right area of this room. You'll see the ceiling flicker. Push the pillar over to the right and it zaps the sphere already in the pillar into super-life.

Put the supercharged one from the pillar to the right of the main room (second room) door. This door will now open.

You should still have 2 normal spheres. Put these two the pillar. Use the floor-shiny-spot to reset the pillar back to its original location. Now push it forward, it'll float there for you. Use it to jump over the lightning.

In the next area, push the pillar in. You'll light up the central light circle on the main floor.

Jump back. Hit the shiny spot to get your pillar back. Now take the two normal spheres from the pillar and put them in the starting room's left and right spots. Take the supercharged sphere from the right of the door, and put it in the left of the door. Now the symbol is done. Stand on the symbol and go up.

In the final room with 5 pedestals, push each of the pillars in to the wall. The stairs will open. Now go down again and look for a glowing spot over on the left. Touch it to get the destruction sphere. Go back up again and put it in the middle pedestal to get the Magic Sphere.

Macalania Temple
Push the pedestal right and up to break the icebergs. Smash smash. Take the glyph sphere down to the lower level. Put it in the left. Grab the Macalania sphere and put it in the pedestal and push right. Bridge piece #1!

Now grab the other Macalania sphere on the right. Put it down on the lower floor's pedestal. Bridge piece #2!

Finally get the last Macalania sphere and put it in the Glyph sphere's spot. Bridge piece #3!

For the Destruction Sphere, after you get all the pillars, step on the shiny spot on the floor next to the ramp thing that takes you down to the "middle floor", so to speak. A pillar will appear. Put a sphere in it and puch it down the ramp thing. It will shoot out into a pice of ice with the Destruction Sphere in it. Step on the shiny floor spot on the middle level to get the pillar and DS back. Then put the DS on the left of the lower floor to get a Lvl 2 Key Sphere.

Bevelle Temple
WARNING: While you CAN go back to just about every point on the map later with the Airship, for some reason you can't seem to get back into Bevelle! So make sure you do EVERYTHING you want to do before you leave.

Push the pedestal to start things going. Go left and left. Grab the Bevelle Sphere and put it over on the right. Now you've opened up a new path you can take.

Head back around and at the new intersection go north (down). Now go south down again. Grab the Bevelle Sphere. Go back up to the middle floor and head to the third junction. Stick the sphere there. A bridge will appear.

Head back to the 2nd intersection and grab the glyph sphere. Now go across the bridge and take the destruction sphere. Put it into the 2nd intersection spot. Now go back upstairs.

Go to the top of the stairs and get the HP sphere.
NOTE: Mxzplk from GameTalk says this. I'm not sure what exactly he means, so I'll put it up.
"The treasure that is required to get at the Bevelle's Cloister of Trials to get Anima later on is the HP Sphere, the chest right in front of the exit, not the Spirit Lance, which is just a bonus. It has already been proven that, even though you can't go back to Bevelle, it is not necessary since you wouldn't have gotten out without the treasure in the first place. Many people get stuck at the treasure recolection for no reason, thinking they missed Anima for good since they think they didn't got the treasure from Bevelle when it is some other temple's that is missing, most of the time is Zanarkand."

Zanarkand Puzzle
In the first room you are shown 5 shapes to find. They're in the bottom middle, far right, just next to that one, and the top two in the top left. Now 6 pillars appear.

Push in the bottom right pillar. The next room now has a puzzle for you. If you go up to the puzzle picture it'll light them up for you. Just walk around and turn them on. Easy. Do this same thing with the top right pillar, then the bottom left pillar and the top left pillar.

Now go take the Kilika Sphere in the top left by the picture and put it in the center left pillar. Take the Besaid sphere from the top right and put it into the center right pillar. Now you can down go down into the middle.
Part 2
You will come back here later on. to get the Destruction Sphere treasure in order to get the extra Aeon. To do so, you need to light up the white squares in both rooms. There are 3 in the first room: top right, 3rd down on left, very center. There are 4 in the second room: 2nd from top right, 4th down on right, 3rd downin middle top, and lower of 2 in middle left. The destruction sphere will appear in the first room. Take it into the second room, put it to the left of the viewer, and you'll get the Magistral Rod.

Baaj Temple (secret Aeon)
To find this place, you'll need to go to the navigation map on the Airship and go to the option that lets you search Spira. Refer to the large map below to see where it is. Look in the lower left hand corner, next to Auron's head. Its entitled Submerged Ruins.
You may recognize this place from the beginning of the game (remember, Rikku thought oui were a fiend?). Dive into the water. The fiend that attacked you before will attack again, except this time you really have to beat it. It shouldn't be too hard.
Next, swim forward and into the big doors. You will come to a hall, which will soon emerge from under the water so you can walk again. Enter the doors there.
Here you will find 6 statues. If you got all the Destruction Sphere Treasures, they should all light up when you approach them. If not, you can go back to all except Bevelle and get them real quick (its freaking worth it). After all the statues light up, the seal blocking the way to the Chamber Of The Fayth will disappear. Enter the Chamber to witness a most interesting scene. Then you will aquire the Aeon Anima!
This Aeon is VERY powerful (as you may remember from fighting it in Macalania), which makes it VERY handy. It is also VERY weird looking, but thats ok.


 Cavern Of The Stolen Fayth
If you do this later in the game, its easier. Thats why I have it listed so far down. Also, you'll need 200000 Gil (or more if you want left overs).
Ok, the path Cavern Of The Stolen Fayth is located to the right of the second bridge when entering Mt Gagazet from the Calm Lands. Follow that path and you should find the Cavern entrance easy.
Upon entry you'll meet the Summoner Lulu used to be Guardian for. You'll have to fight her. Its pretty easy. Then you should be able to teleport to the back of the Cavern. With that Teleporter, go right and left for Treasure, then proceed to the Chamber Of The Fayth. You'll meet the stolen Fayth, and he'll tell you that you can hire him. You can bargain him down. He starts out wanting 250,000. Bid 160,000 then 180,000 then 190,000 then 200,000. He'll take that.
To use Yojimbo's Attacks, you have to pay him.
Yojimbo has an "affection rating" for you, and the higher you get it, the more often he does Zanmato (his best attack). Sometimes he uses Zanmato as soon as he comes out, without you even paying!

Basically, the way to get this rating high is to keep summoning him. Summon him at a consistent rate, like every 3rd battle, and the rating will go up. Also, paying him a lot of money gets this rating up. You can even get him to do Zanmato for 1 Gil. It just takes a little time, love and Gil. Which makes him a very expensive Aeon.

Remiem Temple
Again, if you wait, this is easier. To get to Remiem Temple, go to the Calm Lands and get a Chocobo. Ride it to the east (right) of the entrance to the Calm Lands from Macalania Woods. There will be a cliff with a Chocobo feather at the edge. On the Chocobo, press X above the feather and it'll fly down. Then you can exit to Ramiem Temple through the right.
In here you'll find Belgmine. Behind her is a sealed door. To open this door you will need the Flower Scepter and Blossom Crown. For the Flower Scepter, defeat her Bahamut. You get the Blossom Crown by gathering all the fiends in Mt Gagazet (if you don't know what this means, go talk to the man at the training Center in the Calm Lands, which is along the east wall). Now approach the sealed door to open it. Inside you will find anotehr Fayth, who will entrust you with another Aeon, the Magus Sisters (Cindy, sandy, and Mandy).
After that, beat all of Begmine's Aeons. Then you can send her and get the Moon Sigil.
Prizes (NOTE: Defeat them multiple times for various other prizes):
Valefor = Lightning Gem x4
Ifrit = Power Sphere x4
Ixion = Chocobo Feather x10
Shiva = Mega-Potion x60
Bahamut = Flower Scepter
Yojimbo = Shadow gem x8
Anima = Stamina Spring x60
Magus Sisters = Shining Gem x40

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