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The Fayth Scar

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At the Observation Tower right next to Dali is a man named Morrid. He loves coffee. If you find all three rare types of coffee and return them to him, he will reward you with a working model of the Prima Vista. After you find them all, he will ship the model to the Tantalus hideout in Lindblum. Without the Mini-Prima Vista, you obviously won't be able to find all four Figurines (the others are Mini-Brahne, Mini-Burmecia, and Mini-Cid). Collecting all four will raise your Treasure Hunting Rank by quite a bit.

NOTE: You'll need to do this sidequest as early as possible, because later on the Observation Tower will be inaccessable.
Moccha Coffee - Go to the South Gate entrance near the Chocobo's Forest. The Moccha Coffee will be at the bottom right of the screen.
Kirman Coffee - Search near the picnic table on the far left when you're at Eiko's back porch in Madain Sari.

Burman Coffee - You will only have one chance to get Burman Coffee. In disc three, during the card tournament, let Zidane leave the table and head to the South Gate of Dali. You may want to regroup with some party members if you don't think Zidane will be able to handle a fight or two on his own. The mayor's son is asleep during this portion of the game, so you'll need to be quiet. If you wake him up, you'll need to start over. Search the mayor's desk and find Mini-Brahne. Search the desk twice more, ignore the mayor's son's "zzz." Move to the stove slowly and find the mayor's key. Leave the mayor's house and travel to the windmill. Move around the chocobo pen and you'll find a chest with 30,000 gil and the Burman Coffee.

Figurine Locations:
Mini-Cid - Purchase at the Auction in Treno.
Mini-Burmecia - On the top bunk of the bed on the left in Tantalus' hideout in Lindblum.
Mini-Brahne - On top of bookshelf in Mayor's House in Dali.
Mini-Prima Vista - Tip above.^^^

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