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Vincent from FFVII

Following are my reviews of games I've played. If you would like to have your own review presented here, of the same games or any other Final Fantasy, please e-mail it to me with the name you would like displayed. My e-mail address can be found under "About Me".
All games are rated on Graphics, Gameplay, Music, and Battle System on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the BEST.

Gameplay: 10
Graphics: 10
Battle System: 10
Overall: 10
This is my most favorite game EVER. I love everything about it! The story is touching, the music is beautiful, and the Battle System...oh my gosh, that was my favorite part. It is a GREAT game. I love using the Sphere Grid to gain stats and Abilities rather than leveling up! I can't even think of a thing I didn't like. Well, except for one of the boss fights, because it was VERY hard (I won't say who so I won't spoil it). But thats ok.
I STRONGLY recommened everyone who hasn't played this game to go BUY it. It rules all.

FINAL FANTASY X-2 REVIEW (by Lady Runixia)

Gameplay: 3
Graphics: 9
Music: 4
Battle System: 2
Overall: 6

This game is probably further down on the Great List Of Final Fantasies, but it was ok. Actually it was probably on the bottom of the list. Though it wasn't that good of a game, it DID have some of the best FMVs (like "real Emotion" and "1000 Words"). I really enjoyed those. This was also a pretty funny game. I laughed a lot. Another thing I liked was...a spoiler so I can't say it. I only got to see the "Good Ending", but it was good. And happy.^_^

A few things I didn't like: I don't think this game lived up to the Final Fantasy name. And, as the first ever FF Sequel it was a letdown. The Dressphere system is WAY too...whats the word..."cutesy" for me. I like having multiple characters better. I also hate having to change Dresspheres just to learn Abilities you need, because besides just those few Abilities it tends to render that character usless in battle. Also, the Final Boss was WAY easy. I mean, thats nice, but the Final Boss should at least be a little bit of a challenge. My strongest character was only Level 57 (weakest 54) and I barely had to try to beat it.

All in all, though, I'm glad I played it. I don't know if I would recommend it for anyone else, though. But thats just me.

FINAL FANTASY IX REVIEW (by Blair Stevenson)

 With the criticisms of FFVIII, which was considered to far removed from
the old FF games by some, put firmly behind, this, the third and last FF for the
PSX sees the series return to glory, boasting some of the best graphics,
best gameplay and one of the best battle systems of any FF game.

    The story centres around the characters Zidane, a master thief, and
Garnet, Princess of Alexandria and their companions in their struggle to stop Queen Brahne and her twisted obsession for world domination. However, stopping her only reveals a far more  sinister plot, which threatens not just the their
world, but all of creation...

Graphics: 9/10
  What can I say? You'll find some of the best graphics on the Playstation in this game, from eyepopping, seizure inducing battle animations, the luscious pre-rendered backgrounds and more. The character animation is, by the Playstation standards, exceptional, and is able to meld seemlessly with the detailed background. It boasts an impressive one hours worth of CG cutscenes, all of which are done superbly, and really adds excitment to the game.
  My only problem is with the cartoony style the characters are done, with an anime theme kicking in, but this is simply a thorn on an otherwise beautiful rose. All in all, I would say that, despite not being far removed from FF8, it boasts some of the greatest graphics of any FF. On the PSX that is.

Music: 7/10
   This is what I feel has always let the FF games down, but this contains a reasonable effort in terms of FF music. The FF soundtracks have always sold quite well but I've never quite understood how. Expect the usual barrage of synthesisers and keyboards, and try and not snap when you hear the battle music for what seems like the 1,000,000th time. There were ocassions where I could stand the music, and it got the adreniline going a wee bit, but these were quite rare instances. But who knows, maybe you'll enjoy it. It definetly didn't spoil the game for me.

Battle System: 10/10
   One of the best battle systems of any game EVER! I can't stress how good
this is. With so many different moves for all 8 playable characters, you'll have a great time just trying to level them up to get great moves. It features an easy battle interface, a lot simpler than FF8's, but featuring many more abilities than in previous games. The system to learn moves has been simplified to, now you learn abilities simply from the items you equip in battle. But while it may be simple to understand, don't assume it's simple to implement. For example, should you equip an item that will lower your defence to learn a good move, or an item that will raise defence, but has moves you already know? It is this level of strategy that it makes it so annoying, but at the same time so irresistable. This doesn't just stop at the equipment. Should you take take Vivi the black mage into battle, or your strong warriors such as Aramant or Stiener? Should you try to cure your party now, or just keep pumelling the boss? Perfection on a disc.

Gameplay: 9/10
   As I mentioned above, the battles are amoung the best you'll find, and you'll
enjoy learning new moves, buying, synthesising and selling equipment and the
brilliant story in the game, with great plot twists and memorable characters But don't assume it's all about the battles. Its about the sidequests and minigames too. There are more than enough sidequests to wet your appetite. The Chocobos are back, as are moogles to provide you with more chalenges and rewards for hard work. There are secret locations that all FF players love to look for, and super weapons and bosses to find, over and above the story. Altogether a brilliant game package. 4 little discs of heaven

Final Fantasy IX : 9/10
   The REAL altenative to social interaction!(c)

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Gameplay: 10
Music: 10
Battle system: 10
Story: 10
Overall: 8.8
Dont let the poor graphics of this game fool you. Even thought this game is old it is still one of the best, if not the best Final Fantasy I have ever played. The Gameplay to this game is amazing. Sure, it may take up days out of your life, but its fun and well worth it.
The graphics in this game were good at the time but not very impressive now. The cutscenes are still pretty good so thats why i gave it a 4.
The music is superb. This game has to have some of the best music in the series. The boss battle theme is superb.
The battle system in this game is great. Its turn based and its easy to use and very fun. Your enemy has a similar battle system so you have to be a quick thinker to get your move in first.
The story to this game is one of the best in the sries. You start of as a mercenary named Cloud Strife and you are working with a group named Avalanche who are trying to destroy the Shinra. The story is very deep involving some of the best characters ever and is very strong as you end up on a journey to save the world. The game also has the coolest bad guy ever in my opinion.
Overall this game gets an 8.8/10 from me. The graphics let the game down a little and might put some people off playing it. If there was a remake of this game with good graphics then this game would deserve a 10/10. Or if i reviewed this game 6 years ago i probrably would have given it a 10/10.


Gameplay: 10

Graphics: 9

Music: 10

Battle System: 9

Overall: 10


(NOTE: The above ratings are based on games for its time rather than comparing it with modern games like FFX.  FFVI was made in 1994 so it has to be comparable to games of that era)


This was my very first Final Fantasy game I played and I enjoyed every bit of it.  Every aspect of it was great or pretty good whether its graphics, storyline, music or gameplay.  For its time, the graphics were excellent.  But graphics are not what makes this game a classic.  It’s the character development.  Every character in this game has a motive with a few exceptions.  The music is fantastic.  It may not sound as great as the later FF games but that’s not the reason I give it a 10.  I give it a 10 because of the way the music dictates the direction of the game.  Each character has their own theme song and in many cases, the music determines the mood during a particular part of the game.  Nobuo Uematsu was at his finest when composing the music of this game as well as FF7 (in my opinion of course, everyone is entitled to their own opinion).


I took off 1 point for graphics because there are a few 1994 games better than this game and also took off 1 point for battle system because its been used before in earlier FFs.  The storyline flows well and it very detailed.  The only problem I have with this game is the weak translation of the original version in 1994.  When this game was re-released for PlayStation in the FF Anthology package, they pretty much fixed the bad translation (example, Tonberries were called Pugs, Malboro was called Evil Oscar and several items had changed names like Potions becoming Tonics and Ethers becoming Tinctures).


Overall, it’s an excellent FF game to play, its my favorite (again my own opinion).  As long as you are not spoiled by the later FFs graphics (which is quite a few unfortunately), I recommend you to give this game a go.  You won’t be disappointed.

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