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The Fayth Scar

Jecht's Sphere Locations In FFX

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Jecht's Spheres can be found all over Spira. Collecting some of them will help Auron learn a few new Bushido Abilities. Also, you will get to see all Jecht, Auron, and Braska had to say on their journey.

Sphere Locations
* In Besaid, to the right of the main temple

* on the SS Liki in the bridge
* at Luca, in the stadium in the basement
* On the Miihen high road, at the end of the lower road
* on the Mushroom Rock road near the save sphere
* at the south Shoopuf area
* in Thunder Plains, half way in by a tower, on the right
* after killing the Spherimorph in the woods
* in Macalania Woods, by the lake (southern area)
* on Gagazet Mountain


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