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The Fayth Scar

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About The Web Mistress
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"Take off every ZIG. For great justice."

I won't put in too much about me, 'cause I know no one cares.My name is Lady Runixia. RPGs I've played are FFVII through X-2, Xenosaga Episode I, Chrono Cross, The Legend Of Dragoon, Lunar: Silver Story, and .hack//INFECTION. Out of all the games I've ever played, FFX is my favorite. I also once started Kingdom Hearts, but I found it incredibly dull and lame. So I got rid of it. 

I am also a HUGE Star Wars fan.
Here are my e-mail addresses. Please feel free to e-mail me with questions, extra information, suggestions, or if you just like to talk about video games (or Star Wars ^_^)!
Also, here is a link to TFS Forum and a Star Wars forum I own. Please join!

The new official Fayth Scar Forum!

The Galactic Empire...Star Wars based forum.

Thank Yous (More that a word?):
I would like to thank my parents, for providing allowance that I used to buy video games, that fueled my nerdiness into making a whole site about video games. Also, my Grandparents, who paid for my PS2. I would also like to thank my best friend Mikey for correcting me about the "Tidus (left) Yuna (right)" thing that used to be on the Home page. Also for making me play FFX and X-2. Also for being my friend. And lastly, I thank the following sites for providing information, pictures, and help when I needed it (on games of course).

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