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The Fayth Scar

100% Completion Guide For FFX-2

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Here it is! The guide to getting 100% Complete in Final Fantasy X-2! Completing this will allow you to view the "Perfect Ending"!
WARNING: This guide contains very mild spoilers.

NOTE: These MUST be done in order! Some events cannot be redone if you forget to do them.

Luca: +1.6% TOTAL: 1.6%
Examine the moogle hiding on Dock 2.
Mission Complete! (Retrieving the Garment Grid)

Airship Celsius: +1.8% TOTAL: 3.4%
Speak with Brother, Paine, Rikku, and Shinra on the Bridge.
Speak to Barkeep in the Cabin.
Rest in the Cabin.
View the Treasure Sphere "Journey's Start"

Mt Gagazet, Floating Ruins: +2.6% TOTAL: 6%
Reach the top of the Floating Ruins within the time limit.
Mission Complete! (Defeat the Leblanc Syndicate to the top)

Airship Celsius: +0.6% TOTAL: 6.6%
Speak with Brother and choose "Comfort him".

Luca: + 1.6% TOTAL: 8.2%
Mission COmplete! (Relive Yuna's concert events, including the moogle healing event)
Speak with Rin in the corridor under the blitzball dome.

Mi'ihen Highroad: +0.2% TOTAL: 8.4%
Listen to Yuna's memories of the Mi'ihen Highroad.

Mushroom Rock Road: +4.6% TOTAL: 13%
Speak with Yaibal and the other Youth League members.
Speak with Clasko at the entrance.
Enter the Mushroom Rock Road are to begin the Foggy Fiend Franzy!" mission.
Mission COmplete! (Navigate through Mushroom Rock Road to the lift area)
Speak to Clasko at the entrance to Mushroom Rock Road, and allow him to come onboard the Celsius.
Outside the Youth League HQ entrance, speak with Lucil twice.
Outside the Youth League HQ, speak with Maechen without skipping or
interrupting. Shake his hand when hes done.
At the Den Of Woe, encounter Ormi and Logos. Speak with Maroda.
Onboard the Celsius, watch the Treasure Sphere "Crimson Report 1".
Speak to Clasko in the Cabin.

Djose Temple: +1% TOTAL: 14%
Recieve the Letter Of Introduction" from Gippal.

Moonflow: +0.6% TOTAL: 14.6%
Speak to Tobli at the Moonflow South Bank.
Mission Complete! (Escort the Hypello's wagon and don't loose any cargo)
Head toward the Farplane entrance in Guadosalom to trigger a scene.

Thunder Plains: +0.2% TOTAL: 15.2%
Watch the entrance scene.

Macalania Woods: +2.2% TOTAL: 17.4%
Speak to Bayra in Macalania Woods-South.
Speak to Donga at the Spring area.
Speak to Pukutak in Macalania Woods-North.
Speak to Tromell four times at the Sphere Tree.
Mission COmplete ("Follow That O'aka!") Allow O'aka onboard the Celsius.
Board the Celsius and speak to O'aka in the Cabin.
Pay off O'aka's debt before Chapter 3.

Bikanel Desert: +0.8% TOTAL: 18.2%
Mission Complete! (Dig up the machina parts before time elapses)
Watch the scene with Baralai.

Calm Lands: +0.2% TOTAL:19%
Watch the entrance scene.
Begin to advertise for a company (Publicity Campaign).

Mt. Gagazet: +0.4% TOTAL: 19.4%
Watch the entrance scene.

Besaid: +2.2% TOTAL: 21.6%
Mission Complete! (Find Wakka and defeat Flame Dragon)

Zanarkand Ruins: +1.8% TOTAL: 23.4%
Inside the dome, speak with Cid and choose "You bet I do!"
Mission Complete! (Obtain the Treasure Sphere in the last room of Zanarkand)

Airship Celsius: +0.2% TOTAL: 23.6%
Listen to reports of "Awesome Sphere" in Kilika.

Kilika Island: +1.6% TOTAL: 25.2%
Enter Dona's house and speak with her.
Mission Complete! (Reach the temple stairs and defeat YSLS-Zero)


Airship Celsius: +2.4% TOTAL: 27.6%
Rest in the Cabin.
Speak to Brother on the Bridge and choose "Youth League" (returning the "Awesome Sphere")

Mushroom Rock Road: +1% TOTAL: 28.6%
Give the "Awesome Sphere to Nooj.

Celsius: +0.6% TOTAL: 29.2%
Begin the mission to "liberate" three Lablanc Syndicate uniforms.

Besaid: +0.8% TOTAL: 30%
Mission Complete! (Beat Beclem's score in the Gunner's Gauntlet)

Kilika Island: +0.2% TOTAL: 30.2%
Speak with Dona and the villagers.

Luca: +0.8% TOTAL: 31%
Watch the interview with Shelinda in Luca-Square.

Mi'ihen Highroad: +1.4% TOTAL: 32.4%
Mission Complete! (Capture a chocobo and rescue Calli within the time limit)Speak to Clasko and Calli near the travel Agency and let them and the chocobo on the Celsius.

Mushroom Rock Road: +1% TOTAL: 33.4%
Outside the Youth League HQ, speak to Elma and Lucil.
Speak with Nooj at the Den Of Woe.
Board the Celsius and watch Crimson Report 7.

Moonflow: +0.2% TOTAL: 33.6%
Mission Complete! (Sell 10 tickets for Tobli's show)

Guadosalam: +0.2% TOTAL: 33.8%
Speak to the guards outside Leblanc's Chateu.

Thunder Plains: +0.2% TOTAL: 34%
Speak to Cid in the southern portion of the Thunder Plains.

Macalania Woods: +1.4% TOTAL: 35.4%
Mission Complete! (Locate all three musicians for the Hypello near the entrance)

Calm Lands: +0.8% TOTAL: 36.2%
Clasko leaves the Celsius and runs to the old Training Arena.
Mission Complete! (Clear the fiends out of Clasko's Chocobo Ranch)
Capture a chocobo during a random battle before Chapter 4.
Speak to Lian and Ayde at the Travel Agency.

Zanarkand Ruins: +0.4% TOTAL: 36.6%
Speak to Isaaru just inside the dome.
Earn Mission Complete! for "Operation Monkey!" before Chapter 4.

Djose Temple: +0.4% TOTAL: 37%
Mission Complete! (Travel down Djose Highroad to obtain a Leblanc Syndicate uniform from the Fem-Goon)

Bikanel Desert: +0.2% TOTAL: 37.2%
Mission Complete! (Investigate the Oasis and defeat Logos to obtain a Leblanc Syndicate uniform)

Mt. Gagazet: +1% TOTAL: 38.2%
Speak with Kimahri twice.
Enter the Hot Springs from the overhanging cliff to view the complete Hot Springs event.
Mission Complete! (Defeat Ormi to obtain the last Leblanc Syndicate uniform needed)

Celsius: +0.2% TOTAL: 38.4%
View the scene with the Syndicate Uniforms.

Guadosalam: +3.4% TOTAL: 41.8%
Mission Complete! (Get back the sphere Leblanc stole)

Celsius: +0.4% TOTAL: 42.2%
Watch the discussion of the Bevelle mission.

Bevelle +2.6% TOTAL: 44.8%
Mission Complete! (Infiltrate Bevelle and defeat Heretic Bahamut)



Airship Celsius: +0.8% TOTAL: 45.6%
View scens.
Rest in Cabin.

Luca: +0.8% TOTAL: 46.4%
Win the Sphere Break tournament.

Mi'ihen Highroad: +0.6% TOTAL: 47%
Mission Complete! (Defeat the malfunctioning machina)

Mushroom Rock Road: +0.4% TOTAL: 47.4%
Speak to Yaibal and Lucil near the barricade.

Djose Temple: +0.2% TOTAL: 47.6%
Approach the Temple to trigger a scene with Gippal.

Monoflow: +0.2% TOTAL: 47.8%
Speak to Tobli to trigger a short scene.

Guadosalam: +2% TOTAL: 49.8%
Inside the Chateau, speak to Logos and Ormi in the living room.
Speak with Leblanc in her room.
Speak to Logos and Ormi again, then proceed to Logos' room.
Watch Ormi's and Logos' sphere.
Talk to Maechen.
Obtain Crimson Sphere 4.
Board the Celsius and watch Crimson Report 4.

Thunder Plains: +0.2% TOTAL: 50%
Speak to Lian and Ayde in the northern part of the Thunder Plains, under the shelter. Choose any destination.

Macalania Woods: +0.8% TOTAL: 50.8%
After paying off O'aka's debt, go to the Lake Macalania Travel Agency and obtain Mission Complete! (Defeat the fiends attacking the Agency).

Bikanel Desert: +0.4% TOTAL: 51.2%
Speak to Marnela in the Cactuar Nation.

Calm Lands: +0.4% TOTAL: 51.6%
Mission Complete! (Rescue the tourists trapped in the old Cavern Of The Stolen Fayth)
Visit the Travel Agency to ensure the installation of Shinra's CommSphere.
Visit the upper floor of the Chocobo Ranch to ensure the installation of Shinra's CommSphere.

Mt. Gagazet: +0.4% TOTAL: 52%
Mission Complete! (Defeat Garik Ronso at the mountain's summit to stop the Ronso from waging war)

Zanarkand Ruins: +0.2% TOTAL: 52.2%
Speak to Isaaru inside the Zanarkand Dome.
Complete "Operation: Monkey!"

Besaid: +2% TOTAL: 54.2%
Mission Complete! (Clear the Temple of fiends and defeat Heretic Valefor)

Kilika Island: +1% TOTAL: 55.2%
Mission Complete! (Sneak through the port and the forest to Kilika Temple, then rescue Barthello and defeat Heretic Ifrit)

Celsius: +0.6% TOTAL: 55.8%
Initial scenes.

Bevelle: +1.6% TOTAL: 57.4%
Notice Gippal from the Highbridge.
Witness a shocking scene at the bevelle Underground.
Obtain Crimson Sphere 1.
Board Celsius and view Crimson Report 1.

Djose Temple: 2.2% TOTAL: 59.6%
Mission Complete! (Defeat the fiends emanating from the Temple and defeat Heretic Ixion)
When Yuna says "I'm all alone..." in the Farplane Abyss, press X to hear a distant whistle. Keep pressing X until you hear the whistling 4 times.


Airship Celsius: +1.8% TOTAL: 61.4%
Watch Crimson Report 2 and Crimson Report 3.
Rest in the Cabin.

Celsius CommSphere Network: +0.8% TOTAL: 62.2%
View the Besaid CommSphere and speak to Wakka.
View the Kilika Island CommSphere and speak to Dona.
View the Mushroom Rock Road CommSphere and speak to Yaibal.
View the Bevelle CommSphere and speak to Maroda.

Celsius: +0.8% TOTAL: 63%
Ride the elevator to the Deck and speak with Paine.

Celsius CommSphere Network: +4.4% TOATAL: 67.4%
(NOTE: Some scenes may take up to 30 seconds to start.)
View the Besaid CommSphere seven times and watch the scenes with Wakka and Beclem.
View the Kilika Temple CommSphere and speak to Barthello.
View the Luca CommSphere and listen to all Shelinda's interviews.
View the Mi'ihen Highroad CommSphere and gather evidence so that Rikku or the Choco-Eater is the culprit.
View the Djose Temple CommSphere and watch the first scene where the Al Bhed techinician approaches the CommSphere.
View the Guadosalam CommSphere and speak to Ormi.
View the Thunder Plains CommSphere and capture a Chocobo with the Choco-Porter.
View the Macalania Entrance CommSphere and speak to the musicians.
View the Macalania Travel Agency CommSphere and speak to O'aka.
View the Bikanel Camp CommSphere and speak to Nhadala.
View the Calm Lands Chocobo Ranch CommSphere until you see Clasko tell the Chocobo "You're a good boy, aren't you?"
View the Mt Gagazet Gate CommSphere and speak with Kimahri.
View the Mt. Gagazet Hot Springs CommSphere and view the scenes involving Tobli, Buddy, barkeep, O'aka, Isaaru, Elma and Lucil, Maechen, Cid with Nhadala and Rin, and Dona.

Moonflow: +0.8% TOTAL: 68.2%
Mission Complete! (Chase Tobli around the Moonflow to the entrance of Guadosalam)

Celsius: +1% TOTAL: 69.2%
Rehearse for the concert.

Celsius CommSphere Network: +2.4% TOTAL: 71.6%
View the Besaid CommSphere scenes involving Beclem and Lulu.
View the Kilika Island Port scene involving Dona.
View the Kilika Temple scene involving Barthello.
View the Mushroom Rock Road scenes involving Lucil and Yaibal.
View the Moonflow scene involving Elma.
View the Guadosalam scene where Ormi talks about the concert.
View the Macalania Travel Agency scene where O'aka leaves for the concert.
View the Zanarkand Scene with Isaaru.

Thunder Plains: +0.4% TOTAL: 72%
Mission Complete! (Defeat the fiends and Zalamander)

Celsius: +1% TOTAL: 73%
Listen to the crowd's arguing.
Speak to Tobli to start the concert and watch the YRP scene that follows.

Thunder Plains: +0.4% TOTAL: 73.4%
Yunapalooza (quite possibly the best FMV in the movie, by the way).

Celsius: +2.2% TOTAL: 75.6%
Speak to Maechen on the Bridge.
Speak to Leblanc in the Engine Room.



Airship Celsius: +2% TOTAL: 77.6%
Watch Crimson Report 5.
Speak to Buddy on the Bridge.
Rest in the Cabin to be awakened by Brother's lament.
Speak to Buddy in the Engine Room.

Zanarkand Ruins: +0.8% TOTAL: 78.4%
Episode Complete!
Speak to Maechen about Vegnagun.

Besaid: +1.8% TOTAL: 80.2%
Episode Complete!

Kilika Island: +1% TOTAL: 81.2%
Episode Complete!

Luca: +0.6% TOTAL: 81.8%
Mission Complete! (Follow the moogle and relive memories of Fnal Fantasy X)
Episode Complete!

Mi'ihen Highroad: +0.2% TOTAL: 82%
Episode Complete!

Mushroom Rock Road: +3% TOTAL: 85%
Mission Complete! (Defeat all the Youth League warriors, Elma, and Lucil)
Episode Complete!
Go to the Observation Deck at the Youth League HQ and speak to Lucil to recieve Nooj's Sphere.
Board the Celsius and watch Deathseeker.
Obtain all Crimson Spheres and open the Den Of Woe. Defeat Rikku, Paine, Baralai, Gippal, and Nooj.
Episode Complete!

Djose Temple: +0.8% TOTAL: 85.8%
Defeat the Experiment at levels below 5.
Defeat Experiment at level 5.
Episode Complete!

Moonflow: +0.4% TOTAL: 86.2%
Episode Complete!

Guadosalam: +1.2% TOTAL: 87.4%
Join the musicians in front of the Leblanc Chateu. Episode Complete!
Return to Guadosalam and speak to Tromell outside the locked door. Enter the locked room and obtain Baralai's Sphere. Board the Celsius and watch Yevon's Secret sphere.

Thunder Plains: +1% TOTAL: 88.4%
Mission Complete! (Defeat the fiends attacking the towers)
Enter the secret cave and rescue Cid.
Defeat Machina Panzer.
Episode Complete!
Onboard the Celsius, speak with Cid on the Deck.
Go to the Bridge to hear Cid's tirade.

Macalania Woods: +0.6% TOTAL: 89%
View the scenes at both the springs.
Episode Complete!
Trigger the scene with O'aka and Wantz near the Travel Agency.
Episode Complete!

Bikanel Desert: +1.2% TOTAL: 90.2%
Mission Complete! (Locate the first nine Gatekeepers and return to the Cactuar Nation)
Mission Complete! (Enter Cactuar Hallow and defeat Jumbo Cactuar)
Mission Complete! (Defeat Angra Mainyu)
Episode Complete!
Return to the Cactuar nation and speak with Benzo.

Bevelle: +1.8% TOTAL: 92%
Episode Complete!
Inside Via Infinito, the hidden dungeon at Bevelle, obtain Crimson Sphere 6 at Cloister 0.
Defeat Aranea and obtain Crimson Sphere 8 at Cloister 20.
Board the Celsius and view Crimson Reports 6 and 8.
Defeat Trema.
Episode Complete!

Calm Lands: +0.4% TOTAL: 92.4%
Raise your Publicity Level to 5 before entering the Calm Lands.
Episode Complete!
Dispatch three chocobos at each level without any of them running away to access the Chocobo Ranch's secret dungeon.
Complete the dungeon and defeat the Anything Eater.
Episode Complete!

Mt. Gagazet: +1.2% TOTAL: 93.6%
Episode Complete!

Celsius: +0.6% TOTAL: 94.2%
After getting Episode Complete in every location, YRP is presented with the Gullwings' prized Mascot Dressphere.
Talk to Brother and decide where you want to jump into the Farplane (any location).

Farplane: +0.8% TOTAL: 95%
Advance to the Farplane Abyss to find Leblanc waiting for Nooj.

Celsius: +2.4% TOTAL: 96%
After entering the Farplane, board the Celsius and view the consecutive family events: Speak to Shinra on the Bridge, overheard Buddy and Brother on the Deck, view the confrontation with Cid at the Cabin area. Return to the Farplane, then come back and speak with Rikku on the Deck.

Farplane: +4% TOTAL: 100%
Defeat Vegnagun.
Defeat final boss.


During the scene at the Farplane Abyss, press X to hear whistling.
Answer the Fayth "Yes!" to view the Perfect Ending!!!

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